Gentle machines are found in homes, hospitals, barrooms, and battlefields around the world. See how Gentle machines are bringing manual assistance to the world.

Assisting in the Kitchen

Cooking is more efficient and more enjoyable when you leave the time-consuming tasks to a Gentle Machine. Your own personal sous chef, Gentle can prepare fruits and vegetables for whatever dish is on your menu.

chef chopping onions with a knife

Offloading Your Team at Work

Gentle machines can help amplify your productivity without the overhead of a dedicated installation team.

Woman carrying stacked boxes

Reducing Pain of Injections

Gentle machines provide accurate injections painlessly by using IR cameras to detect patient movement and measuring load to the milligram. Reduces nursing house-calls that were previously required to give injections for patients with tremors and for fertility treatments.

Gloved doctor administering a shot

Handling Dangerous Environments

Gentle machines can provide disaster response without putting people in harm’s way. Where people cannot withstand harsh or remote environments, Gentle Machines still thrive.

bomb desposal tech in bomb suit analyzing a bomb

Accessing Remote Locations

Keep your most skilled repair technicians comfortable and safe: let them perform repairs from a distance with Gentle machine teleoperation. Real-time control with a sense of touch, supported by our specialized tooling for telecom, power distribution, and medical industries.

telephone poles and lines against a skyline